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OPEN Everyday 10-6
OPEN Everyday 10-6

Encyclopedia of Insects

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Dive into the world of creepy-crawlies in this Encyclopedia of Insects for kids and families.

Did you know that insects make up 90% of life forms on this planet? And that, for every single human, there are literally trillions of insects of millions of different species? Learn how these incredible creatures are critical to the ecology of Earth in this insect encyclopedia packed with over 250 bug profiles, from graceful moths and butterflies to noisy crickets and cicadas to underappreciated wasps, cockroaches, and termites.

Every insect is looked at in fascinating detail by natural history expert Jules Howard, and painted by evolutionary biologist and illustrator Miranda Zimmerman. Organized by scientific order, each entry includes:

  • A fact file, with amazing facts about the creature
  • A stunning painted illustration
  • The scientific Latin name for the species
  • Details about how the species on the pages are linked together

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