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First Numbers

First Numbers

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First Numbers:

In the first few years of life, children will explore and uncover the world around them by
using their sense of touch. By touching and feeling objects they discover, their
awareness will be reinforced.

First Numbers is an interactive, trace-along-the-tracks type board book designed to be fun, colorful and attractive to appeal to children from 0 to 3 years old. Each page has grooved inset tracks perfectly made for little fingers.  Children can run their fingers along tracks and trace the numbers and the different fun shapes they make, encouraging them to explore with their hands and fingertips.

The durable, thick cover and pages make it simple for children in this age group to
easily grasp and hold this board book using their own hands. This helps to support a
positive connection between the child’s interaction with the book and his or her ongoing development.

The book can be used repeatedly and can endure all manners of play such as throwing,
pulling, tearing and putting in the mouth so it can be read and enjoyed over and over