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Black Friday Deals In-Store Only Until Nov. 28
Black Friday Deals In-Store Only Until Nov. 28

My First Chemistry Set

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"Science and Play" by Clementoni is a line of games dedicated to science: a creative, entertaining, and safe way to introduce a child to the world of science in an intelligent and safe way. Children will have fun with some of the most fascinating scientific phenomena, such as physics experiments, optics, chemistry, and magnetism, and use real scientific instruments respecting the environment.

Clementoni's science kits encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking. A modern chemistry laboratory in which to perform more than 80 safe and fun activities and experiments. Thanks to the detailed illustrated manual and a rich set of scientific tools and chemical substances children will learn all about the secrets of chemistry and discover the science behind many chemical reactions. Assemble the 150-piece jigsaw puzzle of the periodic table included and discover more information about chemical elements. 

Age: 8+ Years

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