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OPEN Everyday 10-6
OPEN Everyday 10-6

Animal Sensorial Balls

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  •  A brightly coloured set of 5 tactile balls shaped like various animals with different textures and in different sizes. A perfect way for newborns to explore their senses!
  •  Babies can play freely by themselves without any risk of danger; the squishy balls stimulate their sense of sight, tactile perception, handgrip, and manual skills.
  •  An original way for them to have fun in complete safety. These balls are an ideal plaything for little explorers who use their hands, feet, and mouth to find out about the world!
  •  A soft-touch squeezy material and special textures that stimulate all their senses; various sizes and a unique design for each ball to heighten attention levels and hone skills of observation.
  •  The hole-free design means that they can be easily washed and sanitized so babies can play with them at bath-time without any risk of mold or gunk forming inside.
  •  A soft, non-toxic material that is not only completely washable and mouth-safe, it can also be thrown around and stamped on without any danger

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