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Open EVERYDAY 10 am - 6 pm

Turtle Mania

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On a crisp but sunny day turtles quite understandably prefer the beach’s warm4250231717390

sand over the cold sea. Unfortunately, not all turtles will fit on the small Turtle Island. In the game, players try to help the turtles find a place on the beach and avoid pushing them into the ocean. On a turn, players have to gently push one turtle from their slightly elevated nest onto the beach. Once the turtle completely left the nest the turn immediately ends, ideally without any turtles being pushed off the beach – because the player must collect any turtles falling into the ocean as a penalty. If they pushed a golden turtle into the ocean they even have to take another turn. Once a player pushed 3 turtles of the same color off the beach, this player loses and whoever collected the least turtles by then, wins.

Turtle Mania is a cutely themed dexterity game with simple rules, quick turns, and tons of turtles. It requires a steady hand and a bit of luck.

Age: 5+ Years

Number of players: 2-4

Playing time: 15-25 mins

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