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Open EVERYDAY 10 am - 6 pm

Wood Coloured 7 Moons Weekly Calendar by Grapat

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The 7 Moons Weekly Calendar by Grapat is a tool that helps children learn the days of the week by associating each day with a colour. This helps them be able to understand the passage of time. Many ancient cultures believed that every day of the week had its own planet, colour, scent, and grain. These ideas were applied by Waldorf pedagogy.

Monday: Moon, rice, purple/violet, jasmine
Tuesday: Mars, red, barley, clove
Wednesday: Mercury, millet, yellow, copal
Thursday: Jupiter, rye, orange, cedar
Friday: Venus, oats, green, rose
Saturday: Saturn, corn, indigo/blue, myrrh
Sunday: Sun, wheat, white, frankincense

Age: 3+ Years

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