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Open EVERYDAY 10 am - 6 pm
Open EVERYDAY 10 am - 6 pm

About Us

We are a family owned toy shop located in the heart of Port Moody. We’ve been in Newport Village since 2001.

Once inside our store, you’re transported to a magical spot. A place guided by a child’s imagination - where fun is number one. The store is packed full of unique and open-ended toys. Our products are loved by many ages and stand the test of time.

Our motto

At The Village Toy Shop our favourite toys are kid powered! We want kids to use their imagination. We’re also firm believers in less is more – fewer great quality toys will keep a child’s attention longer and foster their imaginations!

Our story

Owning a toy store has been Teresa Johansson’s calling. As a child she loved playing store (and would always be the cashier). Before owning The Village Toy Shop, Teresa worked for Victoria Anderson at The Granville Island Toy Company and then for her daughter, Kirsten Anderson at The Village Toy Shop here in Port Moody. And in 2015 Teresa and her family had the opportunity to take over the little toy shop, coming full circle!

Our toys

How does Teresa decide which toys to fill the store with? Searching for great brands and products is our passion. 

Teresa has a background in early childhood education and has a solid understanding of child development. Having worked in childcare for many years watching how children play and knowing what toys they gravitate to guides her in choosing which toys to fill the store with.

We pride ourselves on carrying quality products that have high play value, that is, "Toys that can be played with for a long time, or present multiple options and functionalities, even beyond the main action of play," Maria Costa.

From block sets to play scarves and puppets to puzzles we look for suppliers that share our values! 

Our team

We love toys! Whether you come into the store with a specific idea or have no clue what to get, we can help. Our staff are passionate about toys and everyone brings their own experience and expertise to the team. We thrive surrounded by people who love to play (that’s you!)

Our family