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Open EVERYDAY 10am-6pm

Dissect It Various Styles

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Made out of a carvable, gelatin-like slime material that is absolutely safe for children, our Dissect-It Discover-It kits give the realistic experience of dissecting an owl pellet, a butterfly cocoon, an oyster, and a piece of ancient amber! Slice your way through the one-of-a-kind Dissect-It gel to uncover mysteries and exciting prizes like toy insects and butterflies, synthetic bones that fit together to create full skeletons, and REAL freshwater pearls.

EACH KIT INCLUDES a gel specimen, learning guide, foldable dissection tables, and 2-in-1 scalpel and tweezer tool to help with the dissection process. This COMPLETE SET comes with all 4 of our Dissect-It Discover-It kits. Each kit comes with a detailed 8-page fold-out learning guide that walks users through the dissection process. The guides also provide tons of information about the specimens being dissected and the surprises that come inside!

Age: 5+ Years

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