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Indoor Active Play Ideas

Indoor Active Play Ideas

If you live on the Wet Coast, ahem, we mean West Coast, you’re used to the rain. You’re used to the cold (and then warm and then freezing and then suddenly back to cold). But you don’t always want to go out in it.
On those days you just want to stay cozy inside, we have some indoor active play ideas for you and your kids!

A Balance Board
Balance boards are so much fun!! They’re great for open ended play. If kiddo is feeling physical, the board can be a seesaw or a balance beam. If kids are playing with trucks or trains, it’ll be a bridge or tunnel. Playing with a baby doll? Suddenly the balance board transforms into a crib!

A Bilibo
Bilibos aren’t super well known which is shocking for how great they are. Kids use them to climb, wobble, play pretend, sit inside. Another great tool for physical, open ended play.

Silks and Ribbons
Need to shake some sillies out? Turn the lights down, the music up and get out a Sarah’s Silks Streamer. Kids will have so much fun waving the streamer around to the music. Knowing kids and their imaginations the streamer will likely be turned into a fishing rod or giant magical pen within a matter of minutes. An Enchanted Play Silk might make a great ocean for a cardboard box boat in the living room or wings would be the perfect way to flap off some energy.

Movement Games
We have some really fun movement games at the Shop.
- Check out Ribbon Ninja, a game where players have ribbons on their wrists and opponents are lunging and grabbing to snatch the ribbons away. The game includes 12 wristbands, 18 ribbons for up to 6 ninjas at a time.
- Seek a Boo is a great option for younger kiddies. This active game includes 36 large, round “Seek Me” photo cards to scatter face down around the room. Along with 36 matching “Find Me” cards for a parent to call out. The game helps young kids learn the names of colours, shapes, animals and foods while having so much fun!

We know the cold, late fall and winter months can wear on while kids’ energy builds up. Head into the shop and talk to one of our toy experts. We have so many different play ideas to keep kids active inside.

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