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Open EVERYDAY 10 am - 6 pm

Crystal Art Secret Diary Kit - Kitten Clouds

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Crystal Art Secret Diary Kit: Kitten Clouds features three lovable cats stacked on each other's backs as they try to catch an iridescent jeweled butterfly. 

A personal journal or notebook known as a "diary" is used to keep track of everyday experiences, thoughts, feelings, and reflections. It is a tool that gives people a platform for self-expression and personal development by enabling them to reflect on and document their lives. Imagine keeping a secret diary with a beautiful crystal art design and writing about your day in it. Each diary includes 48 lined pages and is 6.1" x 8.5"

Each Crystal Art Diary Kit includes:

Locking diary and key
Pre-sorted bags of crystals
Pick-up pen
Jelly wax

Age: 7+ Years

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